"Giving Head to the Dead" Death Breath

"Elusive Reverence" Beyond Creation

New Beyond Creation

Mutilation Rites - Black Pyramid

"Dispossession" Katatonia

"My Scars Hold Your Dreams" Forgotten Woods

"Oh, how neat you dance between the ancient trees.. Dance beloved one. I laugh in your dreams.”

"Dechristianize" Vital Remains 

"He raped…the culture of mankind 
He raped…the pride of the ancient ways 
He raped…all thought of freewill 
I who will watch you fall into obscurity” 

"Empire of Suffering" - Sargeist

Polish death metallers DECAPITATED will release their sixth album, “Blood Mantra”, on September 26 via Nuclear Blast.

Source: http://www.blabbermouth.net/news/decapitated-to-release-blood-mantra-in-september/

"Decomposed" Gorefest

"Slaughter of the Soul" At The Gates

"Drowned" Entombed

"Scream Bloody Gore" Death

"Teil III" - Brocken Moon

"The War Starter" Saint Vitus

"You know me, you’ve seen my face
All around this wretched place
You can call me warrior
But I’m actually the war starter”

"The Ibex Moon" - Incantation