"Teil III" - Brocken Moon

"The War Starter" Saint Vitus

"You know me, you’ve seen my face
All around this wretched place
You can call me warrior
But I’m actually the war starter”

"The Ibex Moon" - Incantation

"The Hive" - In Flames

"An Owl" - Old Man of the Desert

"Bastard" Abuse

"North Sea Storm" Amon Amarth

"Nemesis" Obliveon

"Carved From Stone" Fallujah

New Fallujah

"I Bow to None" Benediction

"Mourning" Nirvana 2002

~ Hear The First Song From Sleep In 20 Years


"Morbid Reality" Therion

Venom - “Heaven’s On Fire” from Black Metal (1982)

"A Witch Named Aspilcuetta" Abigail