"Cure for the Obscure"- Abnormyndeffect

Betwin (2008)

Scion A/V is offering a free download of Weedeater “Hot Doughnuts Now” from the new Scion Rock Show series.

Impetuous Ritual - Coalescence of Entropy

from their Relentless Execution of Ceremonia Excrescence release.

"Dead but Dreaming" Deicide

Mercyful Fate - “Welcome Princes of Hell” from Don’t Break The Oath (1984)

"Repossession" Municipal Waste

Miasmal - “Mesmerized”

These guys have a new album coming in May.  Great old school Swedish death metal with a newer flare.

"List Of Neighborhood Pets I’ve Raped"- Animal Foreskin

Sledgehammer Sodomizer (2003)

"And We Came By Sea and Owned Them"- .357

And We Came By Sea (2005)

High Spirits - “Full Power” from Another Night (2011)

"My Ghosts" Wyrd

"Shred Or Be Shredded"- Call The Paramedics

Scum Always Floats To The Top (TBA)

"Shotgun Anal"- Autopsy On the Horizon

Shotgun Anal- Single (2012)

"Trollhammaren" Finntroll