~ Formless - Horrid Obsession

"Walhall" Falkenbach

"Kill or Become" Cannibal Corpse

"Fire up the chainsaw
Hack all their heads off
Fire up the chainsaw
Hack their fucking heads offfff”

"Perished in Pain " - 1349

"Slaves of God" Ad Hominem


"Soulbursting" Violent Force

Blazing vintage German thrash straight outta ‘87. A lot like their countrymates Sodom, Assassin and others these guys don’t pull any punches. Awesome solos and riffs!

Spirit Caravan - “Fang” from Jug Fulla Sun (1999)

YOB - “Nothing To Win” from Clearing the Path to Ascend (2014)

"Ground" Celtic Frost

Rage Nucleaire - A Sino American Chainsaw War

More gutturals from Lord Worm

"Bringer of the Sixth Sun" Covenant

Kuoleva lupaus” Horna

"Lyijysiipi" Enochian Crescent

Floor - “Ein” from Floor (2002)

~ Pallbearer are Touring EVERYWHERE This Fall - MetalSucks

Relevant to your interests, and it sounds awesome.  I will likely be at the Lawrence, KS show!