"Fatal Millennium" Monstrosity

"Demonic Incarnate" Incantation

"As thunderous tides enshroud
Apocalyptic threshold
Demons in my flesh
I am now reborn…”

"The Devil’s Whip" Orange Goblin

New Orange Goblin

"Kuyaviya" Nokturnal Mortum

Ashencult - “Plague Revelation” from Black Flame Gnosis (2012)

Old Man Gloom - “Branch Breaker”

"FBS" Goatwhore

From their new 2014 release “Constricting Rage of the Merciless”

"Ravenous Medicine" Voivod

"The Purging" - Defeated Sanity

Windhand - “Orchard” from Soma (2013)

"Pillars of Mercy" Absu

"Swarm of Rats" Belphegor

"Swarm of rats in a world of shit
Jesus Christ - son of stench
Swarm of rats in a world of shit
Jesus Christ- castrated saviour”

Red Fang - “The Meadows” (2014)

"Heimdallr" Enslaved