"The Blasphemous Wrath" Draconis Infernum

Blazing black metal from Singapore! Awesome drumming. For fans of: Mayhem, Sacramentum, Dark Funeral’s first, The Legion, Lord Belial and a shit ton of Scandinavian acts that we’ve come to know and love.

"Their Hooves Carve Craters in the Earth" - Thou

"Unholy Magic Attack" Inquisition

"Sing the Song of the seven Winds as I spit the Dragons Fire. 
I summon deities of Hate through unholy Magic Spells. 
Surging unto the cosmic realms in the search of ancient moan. 
From the chasms of Asmodeus storm of chaos shall unleash. 
Chanting under skies of titan moons invoking solitary demons 
Wicked screams rising from a thousand thrones 
shadows covering temples of doom”

"Inner Self" - Sepultura

"Blood and Concrete" Forgotten Tomb


Sólstafir - “The Underworld Song”

"The Exorcist" Possessed 

Sleep - “Snowblind” from Masters Of Misery (1997)

"Towers" Konkeror

Meth Leppard - “Trial By Stone” from Meth Leppard EP (2010)

"The Krusher" - Asphyx

"Flesh Bound Text" Alterbeast


"Woodbine" - Windhand

"Dreaming in Red" Dismember

"To the Wall" - Sepultura